InfoPass für Bewerber

Im Zuge Ihrer Bewerbung dient der KSV1870 InfoPass als ergänzende Bewerbungsunterlage. Dies gibt sowohl Ihnen als auch Ihrem künftigem Arbeitgeber Auskunft über Sie als Person und Ihren beruflichen Werdegang.

Der Info­Pass für Bewerber

  • Zur Weitergabe an Arbeitgeber oder eine Personalagentur
  • Professionalisiert Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen
  • Hier einfach und sicher bestellen

Damit der InfoPass für Ihren zukünftigen Arbeitgeber einen Mehrwert darstellt, empfehlen wir Ihnen unbedingt alle nachfolgenden Dokumente hochzuladen.

Sie erhalten den InfoPass für Bewerber um nur EUR 35,90 (inkl. USt.). Der Bezug erfolgt als PDF-Download per E-Mail innerhalb von 2 Werktagen.

Jetzt bestellen


You will need:

  • a valid email address – for the purpose of ensuring two-way communication with you.
  • an SMS-enabled mobile telephone – works only with an Austrian mobile telephone number.
  • a valid picture ID – passport, personal ID or driving license (credit card size).
  • a current confirmation of registration (not required when ordering an InfoPass for tenants).
  • one of the following payment methods – credit card, PayPal or instant transfer.

Frequently asked questions about the InfoPass for applicants

When applying for a job, the KSV1870 InfoPass can be used to supplement your application. It provides both you and your future employer with information about you as an individual and about your professional career.

No, such details are not included.

Anyone who is interested can order an InfoPass online. You will need to provide a scan of your passport/personal ID as a means of identification. In addition, you will need a mobile phone with an Austrian phone number, a valid email address and one of the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, PayPal, and instant transfer.

The InfoPass for applicants is available at EUR 35.90 (incl. 20% VAT). Within 2 working days, you will be sent an email containing a link to download the InfoPass.

Alongside personal details and addresses, the InfoPass also includes the following categories of information: insolvency information, any payment issues, commercial positions and compliance information. In addition, the report indicates the likelihood of insolvency and reveals whether KSV1870 has any pertinent records/indications from banks or leasing institutions.

The following records/indications may be included:

  • No information is available. 
  • The subject's banking affairs are in good order. 
  • Information on issues is available.

From public databases, from the databases run by KSV1870 and from Dow Jones (compliance).

If you have any questions or you find that the presentation is unclear or incomplete, please call us or send us the relevant documents. We will be happy to review the information and, if need be, update your data. If you have any questions, please contact our ServiceCenter on 050 1870-1101 or by email at

The date of issue is indicated on the document. Ultimately, it is for the landlord to decide whether they will accept an InfoPass that is older. KSV1870 recommends that the document you submit is as up-to-date as possible.

No, the InfoPass is issued only to you personally and cannot be obtained through others. By carefully verifying the identity of the subject and using selected types of delivery, KSV1870 ensures that the legal requirements are observed and privacy rights are protected.