Hero AssetDatenbank

Fraud prevention in the automotive and equipment industry

Double leasing occurs more frequently than you would think. To provide a safeguard against this cost trap, the Association of Austrian Leasing Companies (VÖL) and KSV1870 have brought together their know-how and developed a powerful tool: the KSV1870 AssetDatabase is a centralised register containing all recorded motor vehicles and equipment assets. Its purpose is to warn banks, leasing companies, insurers and pawnbrokers against fraud attempts.

This nationwide, unique data pool in Austria is entirely committed to integrity and fraud prevention. It can be used to identify attempted fraud even before the final contract is set up. 

  • The database currently includes 400,000 assets.
  • Around 10,000 queries are handled every month.  

How to protect yourself against fraudsters

The AssetDatabase is a centralised register where motor vehicle and equipment assets and/or their financing facilities are recorded.
Use this database to check quickly and conveniently whether a financing facility has already been taken out for a vehicle. Doing so will allow you to identify and avoid any fraud attempts early on and save yourself the related trouble and any consequential losses.

How the database works

Before requesting a facility to finance a car, enter the vehicle's identification number in the AssetDatabase. If the vehicle has already been entered in the register, you will be shown the essential data. The original filer will be informed of any incoming query and receive the contact details of the party making the query. This deters both parties from attempting fraud.

Quick check – reliable results

  • We customise your user authorisation to meet your needs and suit your various applications.
  • The search covers all motor vehicles, including passenger cars, heavy goods vehicles, motorcycles, etc.
  • The check covers engine, chassis, serial or contract numbers.
  • In the case of equipment, machines and other goods, the check is conducted on the basis of serial number, brand, type and model.
  • The search results tell you whether any previous financing facility has been granted for the asset you are inquiring about.

You can access the AssetDatabase directly via My KSV or via an XML interface. KSV1870 AssetDatabase product sheet