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Make use of your potential

Select the target group of your choice from some 640,000 credit-checked addresses in all 550 sectors in Austria. In these cases, the KSV1870 rating is besser than 400.

  • Individual selections as needed
  • Credit checked and researched data
  • Cooperation with renowned providers

Marketing data Austria

We make selections for you in accordance with revenue, employees, federal province, sector (ÖNACE code) and much more.

With every dataset, you receive company name, address, telephone number, KSV1870 number and contact person on record.

On request, you can get additional information, such as e.g. contacts in management, revenue, employees and much more.

KSV1870 stands for high-quality and current addresses and data for marketing and sales.

Die genaue Anzahl der Adressen erheben wir im Rahmen der Offerterstellung, indem wir eine unverbindliche, kostenlose Zielgruppenselektion für Sie durchführen.

Wenn Sie sich für die Selektion entscheiden, fallen Kosten laut nebenstehender Tabelle an.

Wählen Sie Ihre Zielgruppe!

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Marketingdaten Osteuropa

Wählen Sie bonitätsgeprüfte Adressdaten aus einem Pool von rund 12 Mio. Unternehmen in Bosnien-Herzegowina, Bulgarien, Estland, Kroatien, Lettland, Litauen, Polen, Rumänien, Russland, Serbien, Slowakei, Slowenien, Tschechien, Ukraine und Ungarn.

Wir selektieren für Sie nach Land, Region, Umsatz, Beschäftigen, Postleitzahl, Rechtsform, Gründungsdatum, Branche (NACE-Code).

Zu jeder Adresse erhalten Sie diese Standardinhalte: Firmenwortlaut, Anschrift, Rechtsform, NACE-Code, CIC-Nummer.

Auf Wunsch erhalten Sie Zusatzinformationen, wie z.B. Kontaktpersonen im Management, Kontaktnummern, Umsatz, Mitarbeiter und Import/Export.

Die genaue Anzahl der Adressen erheben wir im Rahmen der Offerterstellung, indem wir eine unverbindliche, kostenlose Zielgruppenselektion für Sie durchführen.

Wenn Sie sich für die Selektion entscheiden, fallen die Kosten laut nebenstehender Tabelle an.

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Founder's subscription about newly registered companies

We deliver the latest data on newly registered companies in accordance with the company register and startups in accordance with business licences from all of Austria. This considerable new customer potential of around 50,000 companies per year gives you a decisive competitive edge.

We provide you with weekly updates on companies newly recorded in the company register. We make startups available in accordance with business licences in 3-month intervals. You can choose between Excel (.xls), CSV file (.csv), Access (.mdb) and Text (.txt).

Naturally, you can also make a selection according to specific sectors.
We will be happy to provide a tailored offer to you. Call us on T: 050 1870-99 1200 or email us at


Data Reconciliation and Data Enhancement

Data transfer

You submit your customer data to KSV1870 and define what contents you wish to receive from us.



We reconciliate your data with the KSV1870 business database. KSV1870 numbers are assigned during the process.



Thereafter, we enhance your data with additional information taken from the KSV1870 business database.


In only 3 steps, you have clean data for accounting, established customer care, marketing activities and sales.

You will receive the following standard content for every company: name of company, KSV1870 number, address, status (active, dormant, deleted, etc.)

The following additional content is available: revenue, sector, employees, contact people on record, company register, VAT number, email address and much more


Herold Marketing Data

Whether you want to query company information, select a specific target group or gain new customers by mail, the cooperative products of KSV1870 and Herold are versatile in use.

Herold MDOnline

This product is also available offline (without internet access) at the same rates as MDOnline.

  • Easy and quick selection in the web
  • Weekly update
  • Accurate data on over 350,000 Austrian companies
  • Additionally, marketing-related deep data on over 120,000 companies
  • Up to 420,000 personal data records: your contact partners in the companies

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