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Select your target audience from around 640,000 credit-checked addresses across all 550 industries in Austria. In these cases, the KSV1870 rating is better than 400.

  • Individual selections as required
  • Credit checked and researched data
  • Cooperations with renowned providers

Marketing data Austria

We select according to revenue, employees, federal province, sector (ÖNACE code) and much more.

With each data record you receive the company name, address, telephone number, KSV1870 number and registered contact person.

Upon request, additional information such as contacts in management, revenue, employees and more is available.

KSV1870 offers high-quality, up-to-date addresses and data for marketing and sales purposes.

The exact number of addresses will be determined during the offer creation by conducting a non-binding, free target group selection for you.

If you decide to go ahead with the selection, charges according to the table provided will apply.

Choose your target audience!


Request target group selection


Selection FeeEUR 100,00 per Selection
up to 1.000 AddressesEUR 0,35 per Address
1.001 to 5.000 AddressesEUR 0,30 per Address
5.001 to 10.000 AddressesEUR 0,25 per Address
over 10.000 AddressesEUR 0,20 per Address
Additional InformationEUR 0,10 per Address and Content

All prices excl. 20 % VAT.


Marketing Data Eastern Europe

Select credit-checked address data from a pool of around 12 million companies in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

We conduct selections based on country, region, turnover, employees, zip code, legal form, founding date, and sector (NACE code).

For each address, you will receive the following standard content: company name, address, legal form, NACE code, CIC number.

On request, you can receive additional information such as management contacts, contact numbers, turnover, employees and import/export.

We determine the exact number of addresses as part of the quotation process by conducting a non-binding, free target group selection for you.

If you decide to go ahead with the selection, costs will be incurred according to the table provided.


Request target group selection

Selection fee  EUR 100,00 per Selection 
 Up to 500 Addresses501 to 1.000 Addresses1.001 to 2.000 Addressesover 2.000 Addresses
 per Addressper Addressper Addressper Address
Standard ContentEUR 0,27EUR 0,25EUR 0,22EUR 0,20
Contact PersonEUR 0,17EUR 0,15EUR 0,13EUR 0,12
Contact NumbersEUR 0,11EUR 0,10EUR 0,09EUR 0,08
TurnoverEUR 0,05EUR 0,05EUR 0,04EUR 0,03
EmployeesEUR 0,05EUR 0,05EUR 0,04EUR 0,03
Import / ExportEUR 0,05EUR 0,05EUR 0,04EUR 0,03

Minimum order value EUR 275.00. All prices in EUR excl. 20 % VAT.


Founder's subscription about newly registered companies

We deliver the latest data on newly registered companies in accordance with the company register and startups in accordance with business licences from all of Austria. This considerable new customer potential of around 50,000 companies per year gives you a decisive competitive edge.

We provide you with weekly updates on companies newly recorded in the company register. We make startups available in accordance with business licences in 3-month intervals. You can choose between Excel (.xls), CSV file (.csv), Access (.mdb) and Text (.txt).

Naturally, you can also make a selection according to specific sectors.
We will be happy to provide a tailored offer to you. Call us on T: 050 1870-99 1200 or email us at


Data Reconciliation and Data Enhancement

Data transfer

You submit your customer data to KSV1870 and define what contents you wish to receive from us.



We reconciliate your data with the KSV1870 business database. KSV1870 numbers are assigned during the process.



Thereafter, we enhance your data with additional information taken from the KSV1870 business database.


In only 3 steps, you have clean data for accounting, established customer care, marketing activities and sales.

You will receive the following standard content for every company: name of company, KSV1870 number, address, status (active, dormant, deleted, etc.)

The following additional content is available: revenue, sector, employees, contact people on record, company register, VAT number, email address and much more


Herold Marketing Data


Whether you're querying company information, selecting a specific target audience, or aiming to acquire new customers through mailing, the collaborative products of KSV1870 and Herold offer versatile solutions.

More Information (DE)

High quality, high value!

With MDOnline, you have continuous access to weekly updated company data. This allows you to create queries, download data, and immediately process it for your direct marketing activities wherever an internet connection is available.



  • Simple and fast selection on the web
  • Weekly updates
  • Precise data on over 350,000 Austrian companies
  • Additional marketing-relevant detailed information on over 120,000 companies
  • Up to 420,000 personal data entries: your contacts within these companies

Order Herold MDOnline (DE)

Price per yearPlusPremium
Minimum duration of 12 months (billed annually in advance)€ 2.760,– € 4.560,–
Minimum duration of 36 months (billed annually in advance)€ 2.220,–€ 3.600,–

All prices excluding 20% VAT. Details regarding the product can be found on the Product Sheet (German only).