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No headache in the event of insolvencies.

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Our employees are present at every court hearing and negotiate the dividend in the creditors' best interest. Given our direct contact to the insolvency administrator, we are able to effectively assert your claims. We do not rest until we achieve the best solution.


Our services

  • We file your claims in court
  • We assert special rights (retention of title, pledge rights, etc.)
  • We represent you at all major court hearings
  • We recommend the write-down of accounts receivable
  • We evaluate debt reduction proposals (reorganisation/payment plan)
  • We report on the status of proceedings
  • We manage payment dates, dividend recovery, and distribution

Members take advantage:

  • KSV1870 members are not charged an order fee.
  • We take the risk off your shoulders: no dividend - no costs.
  • If a dividend is paid, we retain a performance fee.

The fees for insolvency services apply.


Benefits for Members

No dividend - no costs

KSV1870 members are not charged an order fee.

KSV1870 Mitgliedschaft

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Then take advantage of our contingency special for companies: 
You get free membership for the current year if you engage us to represent you. The only payment due is the one-time admission fee. For detailed information please call us.

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Insolvenzvertretung im Ausland

Wir überprüfen für Sie, ob ein Insolvenzverfahren anhängig bzw. eine Anmeldung Ihres Anspruches möglich ist. Auf Ihren Wunsch führen wir die Forderungsanmeldung weltweit im Verfahren durch. 

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Insolvency representation

General Power of Attorney

The general power of attorney allows us to take action for you in insolvency proceedings without red tape.

  • Reduced administrative effort for you – a simple proof of claim is sufficient to file your case.
  • Observance of the filing deadline –  no individual power of attorney for each insolvency proceedings case
  • Any failure to observe deadlines and additional fees are thus avoided.
  • We take action only after conferring with you!

Sign a general power of attorney and send it to KSV1870.

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Questions about Insolvency

All current insolvencies are freely accessible on our website.

Members are better informed: They receive a weekly list of corporate and personal insolvencies by e-mail. Upcoming bankruptcies are also listed there.
Here you will find an overview of all insolvency information as well as the costs.

In the event that a customer becomes insolvent, the aim is to negotiate the best possible terms for the creditor, in order to reduce losses to a minimum. In order to achieve this goal, we take care of the following as part of our representation:

  • Filing your claims in court (legal document such as order for payment procedure)
  • Asserting special rights (retention of title)
  • Presence at all important court hearings
  • All the necessary negotiations with the insolvency administrator, debtor and the debtor's representative
  • Scrupulous verification of the reasonableness and feasibility of payment proposals
  • Ongoing checks on the proceedings
  • Regular reports on the status of proceedings
  • Management of payment dates
  • Monitoring of your dividend (timely and accurate payment)

The quickest and easiest way to do this is on our website. There you will find all current insolvencies
You will be guided through the order process in just a few steps.

This service is provided by our Interational Collections Team. For details about your case, contact us at