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I want to become a member of Kreditschutzverband von 1870:
Companies:Your annual membership fee depends on the number of employees in your company. Membership* is valid for one calendar year. One-time admission fee of EUR 37. All prices excl. 20% VAT, subject to change.
Young Entrepreneur Member: I have no membership fee to pay until 31 December 2022. For the moment, the only payment due is the one-time admission fee of EUR 37. The first membership fee of EUR 198 will be charged in January 2023. This offer is valid for startups established from 2018 to 2020. All prices excl. 20% VAT, subject to change.
Tax Advisor Member: For 2019, I pay the lowest fee in the amount of EUR 198 plus the one-time admission fee of EUR 31. All prices excl. 20% VAT, subject to change.


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I accept the  Articles of Association of Kreditschutzverband von 1870, the  General Terms and Conditions of KSV1870 Information GmbH and the KSV1870 Forderungsmanagement GmbH and acknowledge the  Privacy Statement. Charges for information are indicated in the MemberLine  Price List. Courts in Vienna have jurisdiction.

Keep fully informed at all times and give us your consent!

II would like to receive information about new products, services, vouchers, events, legal advice and important news from the  KSV1870 Group by email and telephone and for that purpose, I agree with the transmission of my name, telephone number and email address to the companies of the KSV1870 Group. This consent may be revoked by email to at any time.

If ever you no longer need this membership: simply let us know in writing by October 31st. Your membership will then terminate at the end of December of that same year or of the following year if you joined on September 1 or later.