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A good tenant is a tenant wants a long lease, pays reliably and keeps the rental property in good condition. That is the kind of tenant anyone would prefer! However, as a landlord you know what it is really like. There are lots of interested parties, and finding the right tenant among them is easier said than done.

That is where the KSV1870 InfoPass for Tenants comes in handy:

The InfoPass provides landlords with information about the financial reliability of anyone interested in renting an apartment and serves as a sound basis for the decision to be made. The InfoPass for Tenants helps landlords protect themselves against loss.

Renting out only with an InfoPass!

  • Solvent tenants
  • Free for landlords
  • In compliance with the GDPR
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Objective information

Facts at a glance

  • The identity of prospective tenants: name, date of birth and address
  • Overall evaluation of all the content available to KSV1870 in a nutshell statement
  • Current and past addresses: how often has your prospective tenant relocated?
  • Information on insolvencies: Have any insolvency proceedings been initiated?
  • Banking and leasing information: are the prospective tenant's finances in order or have there been any payment irregularities?
  • Debt recovery: are there any payment issues?
  • Does the prospective tenant hold a commercial position or any interest in a company?
  • Is there any entry in a land register?
  • ComplianceCheck: Is there any PEP (politically exposed person) match in the Dow Jones database or is the prospective tenant subject to sanctions?
Order an InfoPass

How your prospective tenant can obtain the InfoPass

Only the prospective tenant can order the InfoPass for Tenants directly online via this website. The tenant is guided through the ordering process step-by-step. An official photo ID needs to be uploaded. The fee in the amount of EUR 29.70 (incl. VAT) can be paid by credit card, PayPal or instant  transfer. The InfoPass will be ready and sent by email as a pdf download within 2 working days.

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You need a quick initial overview?

You can obtain information on the credit standing of your prospective tenant yourself once you have logged onto My KSV. The PersonalProfile for 7.5 million private individuals in Austria is available from as little as EUR 3.50 (excl. 20% VAT). This service can only be used by companies.

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