Our slogan

Getting the knowledge you need when you need it.

There is a growing trend among companies to take decisions in real time. Information quality and the speed at which information is made available are decisive success factors. Austria's leading association for the protection of creditors provides products and services that cater precisely to this need.

KSV1870 is a best practice model that successfully integrates tradition and innovation. We have decades of experience under our belt and use state-of-the-art technologies to develop digital solutions. That is what makes KSV1870 one of the strongest and most reliable business partners when it comes to risk management and credit protection.


Our vision

We rank among Austria's leading business platforms.

KSV1870 uses innovative solutions to minimise financial risk for its customers, substantially contributing to their business success. 


  • promotes issues that concern Austria's business environment, pitches itself as an expert and acts with the future in mind
  • supports customers and members with fact-based information and strengthens their business success
  • develops innovative solutions on the basis of decades of experience
  • sets the standard for modern and comprehensive creditor protection on its platforms
  • serves as the cornerstone of the overall organisation and is commercially and politically independent.

Our mission

We create knowledge and safeguard values.

Best data quality is the underpinning of all business: all our products and services are geared towards making relevant knowledge available when needed.


  • gives customers a knowledge edge by providing high-value information and ensuring safe business transactions.
  • enables business decisions on the basis of fact-based information.
  • processes only data from transparent and documented sources.
  • gives companies leeway to use opportunities as they present themselves and reduce accounts receivable.
  • allows for pinpoint selection when tapping into new customer groups and markets.
  • ensures quick and easy compliance checks.
  • advises members and customers at the highest level and recommends products tailored to the specific needs of customers.
Strategic values

What we stand for - internally and externally.

Customer focus

A positive surprise! Customer service at KSV1870 is all-inclusive and engages with each and every member, customer, partner, media, authority and special interest group. We aim to take you by surprise with our expertise, friendliness and readiness to serve and to strengthen the trust you have in us. 


Prompt and efficient! KSV1870 provides on-time services and makes responsive business decisions possible. For the benefit of our members, we make sure work processes are straightforward and continuously improved.


We are all KSV1870! Businesses have been placing their trust in KSV1870 since 1870. Quality and integrity have been our hallmarks to this day. Cultivating these is our daily common call.

Compliance und Verhalten

Wie wir in der KSV1870 Gruppe arbeiten.

Korrektes Verhalten ist ein Eckpfeiler unserer Geschäftstätigkeit. Dieses erwarten wir auch von Geschäftspartnern. In unserem Verhaltenskodex haben wir alle relevanten Punkte klar und deutlich formuliert.

KSV1870 Verhaltenskodex für Lieferanten