Quick business transactions with secure payments

With FastCheck, e-commerce , landlords, and financers can conclude credit-checked transactions with consumers in real time via an interface. Anyone needing more details for their business decision can follow up the FastCheck with a comprehensive AccountCheck based on verified bank account data (PSD2).

Your benefits:

  • Identify consumers and verify their identity at every purchase
  • Check credit standing via web interfaces in no time
  • Maximum security through 2-factor check
  • Boost sales through individually defined payment methods
  • Solutions adjusted to comply with your risk management requirements
Results in 300 milliseconds
SmartRiskService Modules

The SmartRiskService solution module:

You can acquire each module as a 'standalone solution', or you can follow up 
the FastCheck with an AccountCheck to ensure maximum security.

Using two modules to close a deal

When consumers shop online, they carefully check the payment methods available. Depending on the product or service, they are prepared to choose one payment method or another. For companies this means: those who rely exclusively on secure payment methods are missing out on sales.

The solution: In combination with the company's own risk management requirements, consumers are automatically offered payment methods that are individually tailored to their credit rating. KSV1870 provides support with its digital and modular SmartRiskService solution. You enter the results of the identification and credit check directly into your system via an interface and can complete business transactions quickly and securely. For even more security, you can follow up this credit check with an analysis of the bank account data.

1. FastCheck

Decide in 300 milliseconds.
The high-speed solution among credit checks. Your customer system is directly connected to KSV1870 via a REST interface. During the ordering process, the consumer is identified in real-time using KSV1870 data (first name, surname, date of birth, and address), and the RiskIndicator is retrieved to assess any payment irregularities. You can determine which payment methods you want to make available based on the credit standing in conformity with your risk management parameters.  Alternatively, KSV1870 customers who require additional information for their decisions, such as debt recoveries, insolvencies, negative information from third parties, commercial functions, or information from the land register, can easily be connected via a SOAP interface.

2. AccountCheck

Analysing bank account data the intelligent way.
Does the outcome of your FastCheck indicate a borderline case or does it fail to meet your requirements? Or do you want to be on the safe side because of the shopping cart size or credit amount? In short: Do you need more up-to-date information for your business decision? Then use AccountCheck.

Check out the payment behaviour of your prospective customers based on their account movements. After obtaining a customer’s consent, the PSD2 solution provides a comprehensive picture of their financial situation and identifies account irregularities. Up-to-date payment information is made available to you via the web interface, and you can suggest alternative payment methods to your customers. The risk is clearly displayed as a score using a traffic light format. In addition to the risk indicators income, availability of sufficient funds in the account, and chargebacks, further factors can be added as required.

Identity checked

Identify and verify a person

Credit standing checked

Results displayed as a score

Account data checked

  • Check the bank account for regular income
  • Check the bank account for irregularities

Tech details

Depending on the required volume of data, either the REST or SOAP interface will be provided.

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