For Private Individuals: RiskChecker

Are you looking for a secure company for a purchase?

With the RiskChecker, private individuals can quickly and easily obtain a company's credit rating.

  • KSV1870 rating shows the risk
  • Available within a few seconds 
  • Creditworthiness visible immediately and up-to-date

The RiskChecker service is specifically designed to meet the needs of private individuals. For larger purchases, projects, and when making deposits, a rapid credit check of the supplier through KSV1870 helps.

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No Down Payment Without KSV-Check


Are you considering placing a large order or making a down payment? Check the creditworthiness of your business partner right here. 
Avoid unpleasant surprises for only EUR 9.90 incl. VAT.

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How it works:

Enter the name and zip code of the company you are looking for. You can then register or continue the order as a guest. The advantage of registering for multiple orders is that your data is already saved and you can therefore complete the query even faster. Select the desired payment method. The KSV1870 rating will be displayed immediately and sent to you by e-mail.

What is the KSV1870 rating?

The KSV1870 rating shows you the creditworthiness of your business partner at a glance. A lot of information, such as insolvencies and payment behavior, enters the KSV database on a daily basis.  Our experts research, check and update the data regularly.

When does the RiskChecker help?


Questions about the RiskChecker

The creditworthiness of a company refers to its ability to obtain credit, indicating whether the company is capable of making payments. If the company can settle its invoices promptly and in full, its creditworthiness is generally good.

With poor creditworthiness, there's a risk of the company becoming insolvent. Consequently, it might be unable to deliver the services you've ordered, or only do so in a limited capacity.

Any advance payments made can be claimed through the insolvency process. You might only receive a small portion (the quota) back. The process often takes a long time

The KSV1870 Rating indicates the creditworthiness. Specifically, it indicates the likelihood of insolvency, also referred to as the 'probability of default.'

The KSV1870 Rating is divided into 7 levels. The higher the value, the greater the risk of insolvency. Values below 400 suggest an average to low risk. As the values reach 400 and above, the risk increases. At 700, the company is already insolvent.

Please note: The KSV1870 Rating can change daily. It's a snapshot based on the available data at that moment.

The KSV1870 Rating is determined by approximately 20 factors, such as balance sheets, collection cases, insolvency information, and more. All factors are weighted according to scientific-statistical models, resulting in the value of the KSV1870 Rating.

The RiskChecker is a web app. It allows individuals to quickly and easily check the creditworthiness of companies.

An inquiry via the RiskChecker provides information about: KSV1870 Rating, name, address, and contact details of the company.

Please try searching using the exact company name and the postal code or location of the company.

KSV1870 has the most significant economic database with 640,000 Austrian companies. Approximately 100 agents continuously research and keep the database up-to-date. Additionally, many pieces of information are automated. The data quality is, therefore, excellent. KSV1870 has been in the market for over 150 years, saving many customers from financial losses.

An elevated KSV1870 Rating indicates caution. In any case, avoid making advance payments and instead pay only after the service has been provided or upon receipt.

Please note: Whether it's a good or bad KSV1870 Rating – it serves as a guide to help you make your own decision. Unfortunately, we cannot make the decision for you.

No registration is required for an inquiry through the RiskChecker. You can also place orders as a guest. Registration is optional and offers the advantage of having your information pre-filled for subsequent inquiries.

An inquiry for a company costs a one-time fee of EUR 9.90 including 20% VAT.

For your inquiry, payment is made immediately during the order using one of these payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, EPS, Giropay

An inquiry through RiskChecker takes only a few minutes. You search for the desired company, enter your information, and place the paid order. The KSV1870 Rating is immediately displayed and sent to you via email.