KSV1870 Mitgliedschaft

More Security in Business Life

We support you from the start. When it comes to avoiding risks or making decisions quickly and reliably, we stand by you!

Our services are designed to protect companies from risks and financial loss. We provide information about your business partners and assistance when customers don't pay.

29,000 members have already put their trust in us!

Credit Reports

What is your business partner's financial position? We provide credit standing and company data snapshots.

Debt Recovery Services

Your customer is not paying up? We make sure you get your money quickly.


Insolvency Services

Your customer is insolvent? We will inform you in a timely manner and represent your claim in court.


Membership Fee

The annual membership fee depends on the number of employees in your company. Membership is valid for one calendar year at a time. The adjoining table indicates the membership fee for companies.

You are a young entrepreneur and established your company in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2021? Then you pay no membership fee until the end of 2024! Learn more about this offer.

If ever you no longer need this membership: simply let us know in writing by October 31st. Your membership will then terminate at the end of December of that same year or of the following year if you joined on September 1 or later.

Membership pays off quickly.

 Become a Member Now

Become a member now!

Number of employees Your membership fee for 2022
Up to 50 employees EUR 220,00
Up to 200 employees EUR 270,00
Up to 500 employees EUR 320,00
Up to 1.000 employees EUR 400,00
From 1.000 employees EUR 570,00
One-time, flat-rate accession fee EUR 37,00

All prices excl. 20 % VAT


All-Round Protection for Members:

Member Vouchers

Benefit from free and discounted services. You receive an annual allotment of vouchers valued at EUR 1,500 or EUR 600 for startups. You can find the current vouchers in the download section.

My KSV Member Portal

Directly access the KSV1870 business database and retrieve credit information on companies and individuals in Austria and worldwide. In the portal, you can also see details regarding insolvency and debt recovery.

Current Insolvencies

Keep up to date – weekly by email, daily on the web and on your smartphone. We will stand by you with guidance and resources if you are affected by an insolvency.

Free InsolvencyCheck

This ensures that you will never miss the initiation of insolvency proceedings by a business partner. File up to 250 business partners with us that you would like us to keep an eye on. We will alert you promptly, should an insolvency occur.

Up to 40% Savings on Credit Reports

Use your vouchers to get free as well as heavily discounted information about your business partners' financial position.

Quick Domestic and International Debt Recovery

Save time and costs when your customer isn't paying up. As a member, you benefit from our name! We take of the entire handling of the case for you – in Austria and via our partners worldwide. We will keep you up-to-date on our My KSV Member Portal.

Free Legal Advice Services

Ask experts about legal issues! As a member, you can take advantage of free legal advice once a month from one of our association's lawyers. 

Member Journal

Keep up-to-date on all the latest developments in the field of creditor protection. 5 times a year, we inform you about the latest developments, provide you with tips and shed light on background information.

Additional Services

Webinars, whitepapers, practical tips and much more complete the range of services offered. Our experts will be happy to attend to any questions regarding receivables management, credit checks, debt recovery, insolvency, marketing data and lots more by telephone or personally!


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Questions and answers regarding membership

Using our credit reports, we help you avoid risks and make quick and reliable decisions. If your customer is not paying up, our debt recovery services will make sure you get the money you are due. If you are affected by an insolvency, we will inform you quickly and secure the best possible outcome for you at court.

As a member, you benefit from the following services:

  • Member vouchers for free services
  • Current insolvency information – weekly by email, daily on the web and on your smartphone
  • Online access to the business database in the My KSV Member Portal
  • Up to 40% savings on credit reports
  • Quick domestic and international debt recovery
  • Free InsolvencyCheck
  • Free legal advice services
  • Member journal, webinars, whitepapers, expert advice and much more

The costs depend on the type of membership and vary in accordance with the number of employees. Click here for the current Terms for Full Membership.

If you are a young entrepreneur, you will not be required to pay a membership fee for an additional 3 years within up to 3 years of starting your business! For the moment, the only payment due is the admission flat rate. After these 3 years, the current terms for a full membership shall apply. Click here for Details on this Offer.

It's easy, just register online here now: Become Member Online
We will be happy to assist you, just give us a call or send us an email.

Once we receive your membership request, we will send you your login data for My KSV by email within one working day. You can then conduct credit enquiries instantly and access insolvency information and your orders.

If you want to access information without being a member only once, you have the option of doing so using Business Search.

However, a membership offers you much more attractive prices, online access to the KSV1870 business database as well as to international databases and new research on any company worldwide. The vouchers for free credit reports are particularly attractive.

For details on the differences between Membership and Business Search, please click here: Request Information

As a member, you can avail of both services, each of which comes at a more favourable rate than when charged separately using Business Search. With MemberLine for example, your price advantage for credit reports amounts to approx. 25%. If you have a greater need for information, BusinessLine may be the best option for you. In this case, the BusinessLine fee guarantees you a price advantage for queries of up to 40% compared to Business Search. For information about what option is best for you, just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you!

We aim to send your access data to the email address you indicated within one working day. In most cases, we succeed. If, in exceptional cases, it takes longer, your kind understanding will be much appreciated.

Kindly request a new initial password by email at ccc.onlineservice@ksv.at. Once received, please copy it from the email – without spaces – and paste it into the login screen. For security reasons, we ask you to change it to a personal password immediately following initial login.

We will happy to take care of this for you at no charge, providing any number of additional users you require. Once you have provided us with first and family name, email address and telephone number of the new users, they will receive their access data from us by email. 

In this context, we would like to point out that login data is personal and may not be disclosed to third parties for security reasons. Likewise, we ask you to kindly notify us of any changes or employee departures.

Membership is valid for one calendar year at a time. If you no longer require membership, please just send us a written notification by October 31st. Your membership will then cease at the end of December of the same year. If you only became a member on September 1 of that year or later, your membership will cease at the end of December of the following year. The Articles of Association of Kreditschutzverband von 1870 shall apply.

No, membership is open to companies only. Private individuals can access corporate credit reports using Business Search.

In order to conduct an enquiry on your own credit standing as a private individual, please use InfoPass.