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KSV1870 SmartServices

We focus on your invoice-to-cash process. SmartServices are a 360° accounting solution for professional accounts receivable management. We support you every step of the way, from invoicing to accounts receivable entries, from payment reconciliation with open items all the way to the reminder and debt collection system. In this way, you will be able to ensure your business success in the long run and win some additional room for manoeuvre in your core business.


The fast track to adding value

In the digital age, data is crucial to success. It is virtually impossible to ensure the integration of large data volumes using analogue processes.

KSV1870 SmartServices offer the best possible solution:

  • Process optimisation through integrated processes
  • 100% digitalisation of accounts receivable management
  • Analytics and dashboards with information for management, marketing and sales
  • Independence and certainty with the help of a partner who is 100 percent Austrian

Gain a 360° view of your customers

This solution gives you a clear view of your customers – around the clock. The tool is easy to understand and can be implemented intuitively. KSV1870 SmartServices adapt perfectly to fit in with your procedures and are customised for you and your needs.


KSV1870 Invoicing

Invoice generation in compliance with legal requirements as a print document or in file formats. The use of modern, high-performance software enables even complex billing.


KSV1870 Debtor Management

Management of the entire accounts receivable management.
You keep track of things thanks to the end-of-day reports, stay informed about any further reminders that are sent out and, needless to say, can intervene in the reminder process any time you see fit.


KSV1870 Output Management

Cutting-edge software ensures that your corporate design is shown throughout, on all documents.
Our service level guarantees end-of-day dispatch.


KSV1870 Payments

Bank account payments are reconciled in accordance with multi-phase, quality-assured reconciliation rules, which guarantees high data quality for hitch-free accounts receivable management.

Reporting, Analytics

KSV1870 Reporting, Analytics

In addition, our Data2Value solution supports you in your effort to drive sales and achieve greater customer satisfaction.


Your value added at a glance

Quality upgrade

  • Enhanced data quality through integrated processes
  • Analytics and dashboards with information for management, marketing and sales
  • Objective decisions can be made in real time.

Improved efficiency

  • 100% digitalisation of accounts receivable management
  • Focus on value-adding processes
  • Optimises your quote-to-cash processes

Time savings

  • End-of-day processing
  • Up-to-date information in real time
  • Ready-to-go solution for quick value added

SmartServices meets parking space management

‘Free-flow parking’ is a smart parking system that electronically captures the license plates of incoming and outgoing vehicles.

No parking tickets and digital payment offer your customers more convenience. No pay stations or barriers and lower operating costs result in added benefits, like reduced operating costs. The solution is eco-friendly and contactless, aligning perfectly with the spirit of the times.

Learn more about the Smart Services & Parking Space Management use case.

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