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25,000 members put their trust in us.

Credit reports and monitoring as precautionary measures

What is your business partner's financial position? We know your partner’s financial situation and provide information on credit standing and company data snapshots. This helps you avoid risks.

Emergency assistance through debt recovery and insolvency

Your customer is not paying up? We make sure you get your money quickly. Your customer is insolvent? We will inform you and represent your claim in court.

Service with information and advice

We are a partner that provides you with comprehensive information and gives you advice even in difficult situations. This is how we protect you in business life!

KSV1870 Membership

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  • Member vouchers for credit reports, debt recovery and insolvency
  • Online access to the KSV1870 business database
  • Daily insolvency updates
  • Monthly free legal advice services and much more.

Your annual membership fee depends on the number of employees in your company.

Startups get 3 years free!

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150 Jahre KSV1870

Mit der Gründung des KSV1870 entsteht eine solidarische Bewegung, die Österreichs Wirtschaft durch Höhen und Tiefen begleiten und viele bedeutende Meilensteine durchlaufen wird. 150 Jahre später ist aus dieser Bewegung ein 26.000 Mitglieder starker Verband geworden. Die Meilensteine der Firmengeschichte wurden als Graphic Novel liebevoll zum Leben erweckt und mit spannenden Expertenkommentaren ergänzt.

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Services for Tenants

Services for Landlords

Renting out only with an InfoPass!

A good tenant is a tenant wants a long lease, pays reliably and keeps the rental property in good condition. That is the kind of tenant anyone would prefer! However, as a landlord you know what it is really like. There are lots of interested parties, and finding the right tenant among them is easier said than done.

  • Solvent tenants
  • Free for landlords
  • In compliance with the GDPR

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Order the InfoPass for Authorities and Tenants quickly online here. You will then receive an email with the complete InfoPass as a PDF download only a few days later.

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