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Order the InfoPass for Authorities and Tenants quickly online here. You will then be sent an email with the complete InfoPass as a pdf download in a few days.

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B2B, EBT, EPS and VAT, P&L, is that OK?

There are plenty of abbreviations in business. KSV is the most important one!
Find out why seasoned entrepreneurs begin to rap.

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Services for Tenants

Services for Landlords

Renting out only with an InfoPass!

A good tenant is a tenant wants a long lease, pays reliably and keeps the rental property in good condition. That is the kind of tenant anyone would prefer! However, as a landlord you know what it is really like. There are lots of interested parties, and finding the right tenant among them is easier said than done.

  • Solvent tenants
  • Free for landlords
  • In compliance with the GDPR

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