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Ensure your company's economic success with the help of KSV1870 credit reports. For reliable and trustworthy information is the best foundation for accurate business decisions.

You can now find new information in our company profiles: The WebRisk Indicator

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Specimen Report
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Specimen Report
Company identifier
KSV1870 Rating and Assessment
WebRisk Indicator
Payment behaviour
Financial situation
Debt recovery data
Individual maximum credit
Key indicators
Company register
Balance sheets
Development in recent years
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For guests using Business Search
Specimen Report
Specimen Report

All fees excl. 20% VAT.

The fees indicated refer to the online query of existing data. The Fees for Information on Domestic Companies shall apply.

Debt recovery and insolvency data, balance sheets and profit & loss accounts are included, provided the relevant data is available.

Additional Information

Based on original company register data, this report provides you with essential information on a company from the perspective of commercial law, both historical and present.

  • Company identifier
  • WebRisk Indicator
  • Sector
  • Activity
  • Company history
  • Company register

For members EUR 7.55
For guests using Business Search EUR 12.50

Specimen Report

One of your business partners has gone bust. In order to be able to react quickly, you need up-to-date information. The InsolvencyReport provides all the necessary details enabling you to take initial steps.

  • Company identifier
  • WebRisk Indicator
  • Sector
  • Insolvency data

For members  EUR 7.55
For guests using Business Search  12.50

Specimen Report

The BalanceSheetReport gives you a rundown on status quo and ongoing trends. This information package includes data from the financial statements in absolute figures as well as percentages with a comparison over several years.

  • Company identifier
  • WebRisk Indicator
  • Sector
  • Balance sheets

For members starting at  EUR 46.75

Specimen Report

If you are looking to update your customers' master data and add further details, the MasterDataReport is just what you need. In addition to identification and structural data, this report also provides a company's VAT number.

  • Company identifier
  • WebRisk Indicator
  • Sector
  • Activity
  • Key indicators
  • Register numbers
  • Offices
  • Bank details

For members  EUR 5.05

Specimen Report 

The Family Tree Reports provides information not only about interest currently and formerly held in other businesses but also about the identity of company officers as defined under commercial law.

  • Company identifier
  • WebRisk Indicator
  • Sector
  • Management
  • Company history

For members from EUR 18.00

Specimen Report

The Beneficial OwnerReport provides you a deep insight into corporate structures. With details on direct and indirect shareholdings, you have a clear basis for decision-making.

  • Company identification
  • WebRisk Indicator
  • Sector
  • Ownership structure

Für Mitglieder ab EUR 10.20


As part of the compliance check, it is ascertained whether your business partners are politically exposed persons (PEPs) or persons or companies affected by sanctions (SANs). The ComplianceCheck also contains information on economic fraud, financial and tax offenses, terror and corruption.

  • Information from the "beneficial owner report"
  • Information about officials
  • Result of the compliance check (PEP / SAN)

For members EUR 11.50

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How to obtain a credit report on your retail customers:

KSV1870 Rating

Credit stan­ding at a glance

KSV1870 Rating joins the dots between different information and shows you your business partner’s credit standing at a glance. You can find it in the CompanyProfiles right on the first page, thus providing you with a clear basis for decision-making. Depending on the product, you also receive additional details on the company.

A lot of information feeds into Austria’s most powerful business database automatically and on the same day: insolvencies, payment track records, balance sheets, company register, business licences and much more.

Our experts research, screen and update the data continuously. They obtain references and access various sources. Personal contact with the company makes our services stand out!

Help shape the profile of your company in the KSV1870 business database:

 Fill out the business data sheet now 

Callback service: Talk to an expert about your credit standing  

This service is only available to companies.


WebRisk Indicator

This assesses a company's publicly visible cyber risk and is based on its online presence. All KSV1870 reports about companies have thus been expanded and upgraded with essential information. The WebRisk Indicator has no influence on the KSV1870 rating. There are no additional costs for you.

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What you as an entrepreneur need a credit report for

You would like to know whether a potential customer is as creditworthy as this customer alleges?

Will this customer be able to pay your bills tomorrow, too? For 85% of all insolvencies, the KSV1870 rating indicates an increased risk as early as 12 months in advance. However, poor credit standing does not mean you have to forego the business. In this case, there are measures you can take to protect yourself, such as advance payment or retention of title.

A long-standing business partner has recently been slow to make payments?

Would you be able to confirm a larger shipment at the usual terms and conditions? In a case like this, a KSV1870 credit report also provides clarity. After all, 80% of all uncollectable accounts receivable are related to regular customers!


Your company is participating in a tender?

Often, this requires voluntary disclosure of information. In any case, it makes a good impression on your potential customer, if you can supply evidence of your financial stability based on a credit report provided by KSV1870. Contact our information experts directly to ensure that all relevant information is taken into account. Please complete the KSV1870 Business Datasheet as well and provide us with all the relevant data.

You are awarding a contract and want to know whether the supplier has good credit standing?

Will the supplier be able to handle deliveries completely and accurately? A KSV1870 credit report supplies the necessary clarity and allows you to avoid difficulties as a result of supply bottlenecks.

You would like more information about your competitors?

You are interested in your competitor's key indicators, e.g. revenue, number of employees or export? A KSV1870 credit report supplies you with all the important facts. Ideally position your company on the market by identifying strengths and weaknesses, but also opportunities and risks.

You would like to thoroughly vet a new business partner to ensure you are exercising proper due care?

And you would like to comply with the legal requirements for money laundering checks at the same time? Then make use of the Beneficial OwnerReport. In combination with a KSV1870 credit report, the information it supplies provides the perfect protection against payment default.

My company

Company Data Protection Report

You would like to know what information KSV1870 has on record about your company for the purpose of providing it to others?

One subject access request for companies is included free of charge during the current year and is sent to you by post.

Download the order form here. 

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Help define your company’s profile in the KSV1870 business database:

Complete Business Datasheet Now


International credit check

With partners in more than 130 countries, we offer you credit information from all around the world. The information we provide is recognised by credit insurers! You have online access to 156 million companies, and we research every business all around the world.

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Questions About Credit Reports

If you already have login data for My KSV, you can log in and purchase immediatley a credit report for a fee. 
If you are not a member, you can search for your company using Business Search and procure information using a credit card, PayPal or instant transfer.

There can be several reasons for this, e.g. the company is still in the process of being established or a different name was provided. Try to look for the company using the company address, perhaps the VAT number or the company register number. You are also welcome to engage our services to carry out company research for you.

Please see our Price Sheet for more information on the task completion periods and costs for new research.


Some of the data originates from public sources (e.g. company register, land register, business licence, balance sheets, insolvency information, central register of residents) or are collected during research.

Yes, that is possible. The company register and the land register data for Austrian companies is always provided in German.

Without membership enquiries can be made using Business Search. However, KSV1870 membership comes with a series of advantages and services, such as vouchers for free credit reports, a price advantage for queries, online access to the databases of our international partners and much more.

Log in on My KSV, click information, query company/individual. Search for the relevant company, select the desired profile and method of delivery. If you have vouchers for the profile, this is displayed automatically (under the "Buy" button). If you wish to redeem a voucher, please click the "Redeem voucher" button. The information is delivered to you or displayed on your screen, and your voucher is automatically redeemed.

Private individuals have the option of getting information by searching for companies using Business Search and paying by credit card, PayPal or instant transfer. Information about private individuals cannot be queried.

If you already have login data for My KSV, you can log in and purchase immediatley a credit report for a fee. 
If you are not a member, you can search for your company using Business Search and procure information using a credit card, PayPal or instant transfer.
Additionally, you also have the option of requesting a free "Company Data Protection Report" about your own company once a year.

Please provide us with information updates about your company in the following manner:
Business Datasheet 

The assessment always takes all the information available into account. The KSV1870 rating is calculated from this data. The more current and comprehensive the present documents are, the more accurate a new assessment of your rating can be.

Please provide us with the following documents for a new assessment:

  • Lists of balances (also intrayear)
  • Tax clearance certificates or
  • Account statement from Area Health Fund (ÖGK) and the Tax Office
  • Reference e.g. suppliers, landlords, IT service providers
  • Asset statements
  • OILs (outstanding receivables for which recovery efforts are currently ongoing by a debt collection agency or lawyers)
  • Current balance sheets incl. profit & loss accounts
  • Letter of comfort

Why should you opt for a KSV1870 credit report?

Credit standing at a glance

The KSV1870 Rating provides credit standing information at a glance. Charts, industry benchmarks and explanations facilitate decision-making.

Instant online information

Receive information quickly with online access to 640,000 companies in Austria and 156 million international companies.

Professional & reliable

Sources updated daily, such as regarding insolvency, debt recovery and company register, are supplemented by our experts’ regular assessments.

  • Trustworthy & reliable
  • Regular expert assessment
  • Available online instantly
  • Rapid research if needed
  • Credit standing at a glance