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Membership for Municipalities

The responsibilities of municipalities continue to grow. Focus on your core activities. We will take care of your open receivables and insolvencies. If your debtor becomes insolvent, we will take care of all the necessary steps for you.

Your benefits are clear: less workload and costs, at the same time, damage is minimised, and your liquidity strengthened!


Special terms for municipalities: half membeship fee

Current membership fee 2024

For municipalities EUR 0.00 instead of EUR 257.00
One-time flat rate admission fee EUR 44.00
All prices excl. 20 % VAT.

A membership refers to one calendar year. The one-time flat rate admission fee and the first membership fee are charged straight away. The annual membership fees are charged in January and are subject to an annual value adjustment based on the CPI 2020. All prices excl. 20 % VAT.

If ever you no longer need this membership: simply let us know in writing by October 31st. Your membership will then terminate at the end of December of that same year or of the following year if you joined on September 1st or later.

Become a Member Now

As a member, you benefit from these exclusive advantages:

  • Member vouchers for free and discounted services
  • Current insolvency information – weekly by email, daily on the web and on your smartphone
  • Online access to the business database in the My KSV Member Portal
  • Savings on credit reports
  • Quick Domestic and International Debt Recovery
  • Free InsolvencyCheck
  • Free Legal Advice Services
  • Member journal, expert advice, webinars and much more



Our special services for municipalities

Efficient doubtful debt recovery

Claims and bad debts considerably tax your municipality's budget. Even small amounts such as EUR 20 have large repercussions if taken together. We keep the financial position of your debtors under constant surveillance and pursue debts for up to 30 years. We maintain the contact and develop sustainable solutions with the debtor based on his financial situation.


Comprehensive insolvency services

Insolvency of a debtor is always unpleasant. On average, proceedings take 3 years and raise lots of questions. In this situation, we provide you with extensive support. When we represent you in insolvencies, we take care of the proper filing of the claim at court, assert special claims, keep court dates, and make recommendations relating to receivable write-downs and much more.


Informative credit reports

Knowing the credit standing of companies and individuals can protect against unpleasant surprises. Benefit from Austria's leading business database and take advantage of online access to 640,000 companies and 7.5 million private individuals in Austria. The KSV1870 rating and the RiskIndicator show credit standing instantly as researched reliably by 100 information experts.



Credit Reports

Provides an in-depth picture of the financial position of any Austrian company of your choice.

3 free online queries of available data.


Risk-based information that gives you access to key data on the credit standing of any Austrian company.

6 free online queries of available data.


Credit report on a company of your choice inAlbania, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, CzechRepublic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.

6 free online queries of available data.



Representation of your claim in one personal insolvency in Austria.
No representation costs and court fees for 2 claims worth up to EUR 5,000.
50% discount on the standard rate if the voucher is presented for an ongoing insolvency.

Representation of your claim in one business or personal insolvency in Austria.
For 3 claims - 50% discount on representation costs and 25% discount on the standard rate if the voucher is presented for an ongoing insolvency.

FirstInsolvencyInformation by email relating to your key customers, suppliers or competitors.
Enter up to 250 companies into the list of businesses to be watched. This service is free of charge.
Access your watch list via My KSV: Login – Insolvency – InsolvencyCheck

Außergerichtliche Betreibung einer unbestrittenen offenen Forderung im Inland.
Für 3 Inkassofälle - eingebrachte Verzugszinsen

Als besonderen Mitgliedervorteil erhalten Sie 8 Mahnaufkleber kostenlos.
Zahlt der Schuldner dennoch nicht, übergeben Sie die Forderung rasch zum Inkasso durch den KSV1870!


Services and Partners

Top-notch journal specialised in insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, asset administration, court decisions, etc.
15% off ZIK subscription.

Die Presse subscription with home delivery and free forwarding to your holiday destination in Austria. Discounted 8-week Die Presse subscription, print and digital, for only EUR 8 (incl. 10% VAT). Corresponds to a discount of approx. 92% on the regular rate.
The subscription includes the print editions of the Presse daily newspaper from Monday to Sunday, the Presse ePaper (digital 1:1 edition of the printed newspaper) and access to all premium contents on all digital platforms. This offer is valid only in Austria, cannot be applied to existing subscriptions and is redeemable only once per company/household.