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InfoPass for tenants

Proof of financial status for tenants!

Present a KSV1870 InfoPass to your future landlord early on to prove that you are solvent. The landlord will commend you for it and the InfoPass will provide a sense of security in the landlord-tenant relationship right from the start.

This document provides objective information about your financial reliability and can be ordered easily and conveniently online.

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The InfoPass for tenants is

  • a summary overview of your financial reliability.
  • a sound piece of evidence that can be used by any potential landlord as legitimate proof of your trustworthiness.
  • a point of reference for greater security in the tenant-landlord relationship.
  • conveniently ordered and obtained online.

The InfoPass for tenants is available at only EUR 43.00 (incl. VAT). Within 3 working days, you will be sent an email containing a link to download the InfoPass.

Order now!

Being prepared goes a long way with landlords

On the one hand, landlords want to make informed financial decisions. On the other, tenants want to make a good, reliable impression. Because when an apartment becomes available, there is usually more than one interested party. This is where the InfoPass may come in handy. You get to inspire confidence by providing objective information and give the landlord that sense of security they are looking for. 

The InfoPass for tenants provides the information the landlord needs to take a decision.

Would you be interested in having a detailed overview of your credit records at KSV1870? Then order an Credit report acc. to art 15 GDPR  for ease of reference.

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Order an InfoPass

This is how to obtain your InfoPass online!


Select InfoPass for tenants or InfoPass for authorities.


Follow the online order process step by step.


You will be sent an email with a link to download the InfoPass pdf file.


You will need:

  • a valid email address – for the purpose of ensuring two-way communication with you.
  • an SMS-enabled mobile telephone – works only with an Austrian mobile telephone number.
  • a valid picture ID – passport, personal ID or driving license (credit card size).
  • a current confirmation of registration (not required when ordering an InfoPass for tenants).
  • one of the following payment methods – credit card, PayPal, eps, giropay or Paysafecard.