Compliance Check

Your business transactions on a sound legal footing!

In the Austrian economy, companies are partly required by law (e.g. banks, financial institutions, insurance companies) and otherwise due to the existing duty of care to carefully check the background of companies and people with whom they do business. The reason for this is to prevent the use of the financial system for money laundering and terrorist financing.

  • Compliance check in accordance with the law
  • Background information on the beneficial owner
  • Saves time by having both the credit and compliance check performed for one information report
  • Full coverage of all individuals and companies in Austria and worldwide
  • Various procurement options: on My KSV, via interface or data reconciliation

Current information:

Due to the Ukraine war, new EU sanctions are constantly being issued or considered. In addition to natural persons, legal persons, i.e. companies, are also affected by these sanctions. Direct or indirect economic interactions are therefore prohibited (apart from explicit exceptions) and are sanctioned (ban on payment and provision).

Are your customers "compliant"?
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Compliance Check

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In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie alles zum Thema Sanktionslisten, dem Geldwäschegesetz und Ihren Prüfpflichten. Mit dabei: Eine Handlungsanleitung, wie Ihr Unternehmen in Bezug auf diese Themen „compliant“ wird.

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What does Compliance Check mean?

Our Compliance Check determines whether your business partners are politically exposed persons (PEPs) or as persons or companies subject to sanctions (SANs). The acronyms PEP and SAN are internationally recognised and used around the world. In addition, the ComplianceCheck takes into account information on fraud, financial and tax offences, terror and corruption. These are marked as a special interest person (SIP) or special interest entity, i.e. a company, organization or facility (SIE).

The following sectors and/or companies are affected:

  • financial institutions
  • credit institutions
  • lawyers and notaries
  • real estate agents
  • auditors, tax consultants
  • companies that receive payments of EUR 10,000 or more in cash

What does it mean if there are ComplianceCheck hits?

  • PEP, RCA, SIP and SIE hits represent an increased economic risk. Companies must carry out a more detailed examination of these business partners and then decide for themselves whether and how they enter into business relationships under these conditions.
  • It is prohibited to do business with persons or companies that are affected by sanctions and are therefore listed on sanctions lists, unless there is an express exception to this.



Select this procurement option:

Integral part of KSV1870 reports

On request, the Compliance Check can be made available directly in all CompanyProfiles and PersonalProfiles in Austria and worldwide. As soon as the check comes back positive, you will find the detailed information on the outcome in the report.

A product in its own right: Compliance Check

The Compliance Check is available as a separate report on Austrian companies.


  • Information from the BeneficialOwnerReport
  • Information on company officers
  • Result of the Compliance Check (PEPs/SANs)


Dow Jones watchlist categories

ComplianceCheck categories


Political exposed person (heads of state or government, ministers, senior public servants of a provincial government, embassy and consulate employees)


Relative or close associate (family members, relatives and other close persons)


Special interest person (personal check for sanctions, financial and tax offences, corruption, Interpol)


Special interest entity (company check for sanctions and/or sanctions of owner, financial crimes, war crimes, terror, corruption, Interpol)