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*There are plenty of abbreviations in business. KSV is the most important one!
Everyone in business life is familiar with the abbreviations. But there is much more behind the abbreviation KSV! We asked our members, why they became members of Kreditschutzverband von 1870

Verena Lichtenberger (links) und Barbara Mayerhofer (rechts) überreichen die Urkunde zum 31.000. KSV1870 Mitglied an Fritz Prochaska und Anja Hackl-Prochaska.

Prochaska Ges.m.b.H. ist 31.000. KSV1870 Mitglied


Die Prochaska Ges.m.b.H., ein Maler- und Anstreicherbetrieb in Wien, steht seit vier Generationen für Professionalität und persönlichen Einsatz und überzeugt seine Kunden seit fast 100 Jahren. 

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Member interviews

KSV1870 member since 2017


Unverschwendet (unwasted) seeks to build awareness around food waste and discover the options available in dining. Find out more at

KSV1870 member since 2017

Bauholz Gruber

The timber industry has played an important role in Rohr im Gebirge for generations. The ability to process a renewable raw material is indispensable for our future, our climate and our descendants and continues to gain relevance. Find out more at

KSV1870 member since 2006

Trzesniewski - Demmer GmbH

Established in 1902, this long-standing company with its unspeakably good open sandwiches has epitomised Vienna’s way of life for generations. Learn more at

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heysister sanag-ag
KSV1870 member since 2009


Sanag is in the repair and reconstruction business – whether fire, water or storm damage – no damage is too small. Find out more at

KSV1870 member since 2018

Seibersdorfer bed feathers and down factory

Seibersdorfer Federn und Daunen GmbH has been a household name as a producer of high-quality duvets and cushions for decades. They make your sleep even more restful and your night-time rest yet more pleasant – also using the feng shui theory of harmony. Find out more at

KSV1870 member since 2008

SteinHof Musikproduktion GmbH

This recording studio was established in Vienna‘s Margareten district in 1996. Other branch studios located in Vienna’s Meidling district and in Gumpoldskirchen are also available for the perfect recording. Find out more at